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Q-Dino Bundle

An embedded DC motor driver brings extra fun to coding with it. Q-Dino has a crocodile iteration ...

An embedded DC motor driver brings extra fun to coding with it. Q-Dino has a crocodile iteration with long tail, enjoy building!

Entry-level robot building & coding kit. This robot has 20-minute building time, along with a Scratch 3.0 based graphical coding environment. Featuring ultrasonic obstacle dodging and automatic line tracking, Q-Dino is fun scientifically with expanding capabilities. Q-Dino is the best option as a kid's first robot. 

 Each robot will be come with the following: 

  1. Free private coding class with the Gracebotics team. 
  2. Expansion kits for future upgrades. 
  3. Use manual and battery packs. 
  4. Gracebotics Artificial Intelligence Curriculum
  5. 6-8 hour intensive Artificial Intelligence Digital course. 


The effect of the mainboard on the robot is equivalent to that of the brain for humans. As shown in the below figure, it is composed of a CPU, other electronic components, a port for connecting sensors and drivers, a jack for inputting power, and the likes.

1. Bluetooth: Bluetooth can connect the mainboard and mobile phone wirelessly to transmit data.

2. RGB lights: There is an RGB light on each of the left and right sides of the mainboard, which can be changed by the editing program.

3. Buzzer: There is a buzzer on the main board that can make a sound and can change the sound produced by editing the program command.
Sensor port: Ports 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 are sensor ports. The sensor can be connected to the main- board through a cable to transmit the data obtained by the sensor to the mainboard.

4, Steering gear/motor drive port: Ports 1 and 8 are servo/motor drive ports. The servo/motor drive can be connected to the mainboard through the cable to transmit the commands issued on the main board to the drive.

5. USB cable interface: The USB cable interface can connect the mainboard to the computer through the USB cable provided by the Q Corps. It can transfer the data on the to the computer or transfer the data on the computer to the mainboard.

6. Motor interface: M1/M2 interface is the motor interface. Connect one end of the motor wire to the motor interface and the other end to the motor. You can connect the motor to the mainboard and transfer the commands from the main board to the motor.

7. Power connector: The interface that supplies power to the mainboard, and the cable for the battery pack needs to be connected to it.

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